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  • Smart Projector paint displaying HD image in office
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Projector Paint

  • Transform any smooth surface into a high-performance projector screen with Smart Projector Screen Paint. This modern product is a lower cost, yet high performance alternative to traditional projector screens, without clutter or set-up requirements.

    Ideal for use in offices for presentations, in classrooms with interactive projectors,  or at home for movies and games.

    This water-based coating is high opacity to facilitate the projection of bright, sharp images in high definition. It has been designed and tested to provide maximum contrast.

    Use with all interactive, HD and standard projectors.

    • Can be applied around people.
    • Safe to use in all indoor environments : offices, schools and homes.
    • Contains no isocyanates.
    • A low odour and low VOC product.

    Interested in whiteboard and projector functionalities? Check out our Smart Projector Whiteboard Wallcovering.

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  • Product Size: Choose from two sizes to create your custom projector screen size: 

    1.  69 ft² / 6.5m² coverage area creates a white projector screen size of 10ft / 3.1m (w) x 6.8ft / 2.1m (h).

    2. 139 ft² / 13m² coverage area creates a white projector screen size of 14ft / 4.35m (w) 9.8ft / 3m (h).  

    Number of coats : 2

    Drying time :  Touch dry in 1 hour. Ready to use as a projector surface after 24 hours.

    Gain value : 1.0

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  • How do I paint my projector screen onto a wall ? It's easy. Use a paint roller or sprayer.  Read or download step-by-step application guide

    Can I use any projector with this paint ? Yes.

    What surface can I apply projector paint onto ?  Use on plaster, wallboards, wood, metal, and concrete. Indoor use only.

    How does it differ to normal white paint ? This is a specialist coating designed to eliminate hot-spots. It also has unique reflective qualities.

    Is it a safe product to use ? Yes, Smart Projector Screen Paint complies with all European safety standards. It does not contain any isocyanates. It is a low VOC and low odour product.

    Is this product dry erase ? No.

    Is it permanent ?  Paint over if no longer required.

    For more information, see our full FAQs section.


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  • Upgrade to a Projector Paint Plus kit.

    This kit includes Smart Primer (white) and a decorative border tape (to easily identify your projector surface), as well as Smart Projector Screen Paint,  to create a projector screen surface of 65ft² / 6m².

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