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Smart 2-in-1 Wallcovering - Dual Functionality: Projector & Whiteboard

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    Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering allows you to turn any wall into a dry erase surface in just one easy application. Hang like any wallpaper. Use just like a whiteboard. This is a high performance product which allows you to simply write on, wipe off effortlessly.

    Smart Projector Wallcovering Dry Erase and Low Sheen allows you to transform smooth walls into dry erase projection surfaces, in just one easy and quick installation.

    Enjoy the benefits of a projector screen with a high performance yet low sheen and dry erase surface - all in one innovative product.

    • Performs just like a whiteboard and projector screen, with no size limitations.
    • Reduces hotspotting while maintaining the write-on wipe-off performance you have come to expect from our award-winning dry erase range.
    • Hang vertically, horizontally and even on curved walls.
    • All of our wallcoverings have been independently tested and certified for classification of reaction to fire.

    Suitable for: presentations, designing, planning, speeches, teaching, training and meetings.

    Use when: reviewing and planning websites, software, brochures; brainstorming, planning and scheduling, project management, lean management, team meetings and collaborating.

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  • Coverage: 10 m² (107ft²)

    Dimensions: 1.22m x 8.25m

    Weight : 5.2Kg

    Colour : Available in white only.

    Finish : Low-sheen.

    Functionality : Projector surface and low sheen dry-erase surface.

    Ready to Use : in 24 hours (to let adhesive dry).

    Includes: Smart Projector Whiteboard Wallcovering, microfiber cloth,  surface sticker.

    Request a sample : Email 

    Please note all of our samples are provided on a card so you can see, touch and test a sample of the installed product.

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  • How should I hang this Wallcovering? Watch video step-by-step application guide. Read or download step-by-step application guide

    Can Smart Projector Whiteboard Wallcovering be applied on any surface ? Yes, this wall paper can be applied to any reasonably smooth surface and even curved surfaces. (Absorbent surfaces should be treated with Smart White Primer before application).

     What should I use to apply Smart Projector Whiteboard Wallcovering ? Hang like any wallcovering. Use a ready mixed wallcovering adhesive and apply to the wall using a roller. Use a second coat of adhesive if required.

     What direction should I hang the wallcovering ? You can hang it horizontally or vertically, depending on your preference. If you only wish to cover a portion of the wall, we recommend hanging horizontally, beginning half a metre off the floor.

     How do I remove the wallcovering ? Simply remove like any other commercial wallcovering.

    What type of markers can be used with Smart Projector Whiteboard Wallcovering ? Any quality dry erase whiteboard markers can be used.


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